Tuesday 16 June, 9 am (BST)

Online Product Launch of Global AGV

We are ready with the next generation of AGVs; Global AGV, a standard product that comes with new innovative opportunities to improve your internal logistics.

Join us for the online launch, where we present the new AGV and demonstrate the functionality and effectiveness of Global AGV.

16 June, 9 am (BST)

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Global AGV – Simple and easy automation increases your productivity

AGVs help automate the handling of materials, goods and parcels at many companies. AGV’s are characterised by flexible solutions, providing more efficient and cost-effective logistic management.

Benefits of using driverless forklifts

  • Reduced labour costs and freed resources
  • Increased productivity by working around the clock 24/7/365
  • Improved work environment
  • Integration into the existing environment
  • Quick and easy installation in less than one week
  • Short payback time.


Immediate benefits of Global AGV

By automating your company’s in-house transport, you can reduce the number of manual processes, improve the working environment, and increase your company’s productivity. Meanwhile, an AGV contributes to reducing your costs as it runs with low energy consumption.

The AGV technology is easy to integrate into existing operations, and with a short payback time as well as an attractive total cost of ownership (TCO), your company’s bottom line will improve significantly.

Increased productivity
With an AGV you can increase productivity and improve the working environment.
Short payback time & improved bottom line
An AGV contributes to reducing costs in both energy consumption and labour costs.
Integration in the existing environment
The AGV technology is easy to integrate into existing operations and you don’t need to change the company’s current layout.
Quick and easy installation
You’re up and running in no time with a driverless truck that works around the clock.
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